There are now 6464 apiaries on the map. 136595 hives in total with more than 6829 million bees! The latest apiary was added 2024-07-10. Add an apiary!

Welcome to the Apiary Map!
The apiary map organizes beekeepers and their apiaries on a map. The purpose is simply to make it easy to see where your fellow beekeepers are and what bee race they have.

Use the map controls to find the area you are interested in. Zoom with a double-click! Click on the hive symbols on the map to see information about that apiary. A yellow circle with a 2 km radius is shown to represent the forage area for the bees.

Contribute by adding your own apiary! It is easy, quick and free. No registration required.

Symbol on map
= Buckfast
= Apis mellifera ligustica
= Apis mellifera carnica
= Apis mellifera mellifera
= Apis mellifera caucasica
= Africanized
= Apis mellifera / Other
= Honey is sold here!
= Many apiaries here! Click!
Each symbol on the map represents an apiary, not a single hive.
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